Corona Capital is the biggest festival in Mexico City and one of the very best of the world.

Its annual lineup is usually well crafted for alternative rock fans, with bands like The Strokes, Interpol, My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys and Nine Inch Nails topping the bill in the last editions.

The 2023‘s lineup is huge, and maybe the greatest of its short history. Blur, Pulp and The Cure are three massive headliners that will be accompanied by a great undercard starring Yard Act, Claud, Soccer Mommy, Kim Petras, Fever Ray and Arlo Parks.

That’s why a lot of international visitors are coming to the event —you can expect a lot of people coming over the US and the UK—.

If you’ve never visited the festival nor the city, then you are in the correct place! We’ve made an ultimate guide for all of you first timers that are looking forward to your first Corona Capital Festival.

So… Grab your iPhone or whatever and take a few notes of this Ultimate Corona Capital Guide:

Getting to and from the Corona Capital Festival

Corona Capital is located at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, near the east part of Mexico City.

Getting there is pretty easy and we recommend using the subway! (If you are familiar with the public transport of Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago, you should have no problem with it).

Ciudad Deportiva is the nearest station to the festival. So, you should exit there and walk to the Puerta 6 (the main entrance).

If you don’t like public transport and you don’t mind traffic you can also do an Uber or Didi, it’s cheap and very efficient in the city.

Taxis are tricky because of safety issues, so we can’t recommend it. Neither getting there by car, the parking lot gets pretty crowdy and the exit is really caotic.

As for when you leave the festival, try to walk towards the Palacio de los Deportes area. Uber waiting times would be crazy, but is your best option. You can walk a few miles near the Holiday Inn Express Mexico Aeropuerto in the Rio Churubusco avenue to shorten it.

Avoid the taxis outside the venue at all costs. The drivers will ask you for a lot of money and, usually, those aren’t as safe as the ride apps.

Corona Capital Guide 2023 Ultimate
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Where to Stay

The best hotel options near the festival are booked by now. But we recommend getting a place in Condesa or Roma neighborhoods. Those are two of the best areas of Mexico City with a lot of great restaurants, bars, parks, and not to far from the festival place. The cons: those two are kind of expensive.

Corona Capital Mexico City Guide
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If you want a cheapest option you can try booking your hotel near the Airport area.

Another options could be Polanco or Chapultepec, two of the best spots of the downtown area. Pricey, pretty safe, walkable and really pretty; far from the festival but really cool, with a lot of skyscrapers, huge green areas and incredible views.

What to Bring

November weather in Mexico City is unpredictable, but not as extreme as some american cities. It could rain or it could be really sunny. So, we recommend wearing a shirt, a regular hoodie, a pair of boots and maybe a raincoat as a precautionary measure.

The weather is usually pretty nice, not as sunny as Chicago in the summertime and not as chill as New York City in november. It’s just warm and maybe the best that you can have in that time of the year.

Be sure to bring sunscreen, a reusable water bottle and sunglasses. And remember: no lighters and no drugs are permitted.

Is Corona Capital safe?

Corona Capital is pretty safe. Just be careful with your personal belongings because pickpocketing is definitely a thing, but maybe not as huge as other big festivals like Primavera Sound Barcelona or even Coachella.

The area near the festival is ok, but not fancy. Try to only walk around the main avenues: Viaducto and Río Churubusco (not “Canal Río Churubusco”, that is a different street).

There will be a lot of people walking near the festival, so you will feel safe all the time if you stick to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez area.

How to experience Corona Capital 2023

Five quick tips to enjoy the festival:

1.- Corona Capital is huge and you should expect at least 6 stages with a lot of artists playing at the same time. So, plan ahead properly and see which bands are the ones you can’t miss.

2.- Get there early and charge your wristband with money. You’ll receive a cashless wristband at the entrance.

3.- Learn some spanish to ask for food and beverage in the food and bar courts of the festival.

4.- Bring comfortable shoes to walk at least seven miles per day.

5.- Get early to see the undercard acts. Almost all of them are pretty good and you’ll find a lot of options for all different tastes.

Corona Capital View Mexico City Guide
Foto: Alejandro Vargas

Corona Capital Set Times for 2023

The Corona Capital set times will be announced one or two weeks prior the festival. Be patient! We are going to have a guide with the best ways to plan your schedule.

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets are available in the official Ticketmaster site. Click here to buy your passes and have fun!

Corona Capital Bands 2023 US
Foto: Alejandro Vargas

Do you enjoy this Corona Capital Guide? Follow Spts.LA to learn more about this iconic festival. Hope you enjoy it!

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